Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 10:34 pm
Alright - here I am on Dreamwidth. It's about time, dunno why it took me so long to ditch Livejournal (which has been a sinking failship of failethics for some time).

Happy to hear about the generally ethical awesomeness of Dreamwidth staff and crew. How rare is it these days to find something on the internet that's not all about selling users' data to the highest bidder? Hell, I'll happily pay for the privilege of being decently respected as a customer.

I haven't been up to too much lately -- though I am working on a new dress, and a new handbag for Morrigan New York. After years of delay! I guess I just have a very long design cycle. ; )

Anyway, nice to see all of you here. : )


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